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Sep 20, 2018

Sincere welcome to Guilluame DA, Attaché for Scientific and Higher Education Cooperation, Pierre DUMONT

On 20th September, 2018, Associate Dean Assist. Sutida Ngonkam together with Dr. Wanrudee Kurawan and Ajarn Vincent Cheylan from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences gave a very sincere welcome to Guilluame DA, Attaché for Scientific and Higher Education Cooperation, Pierre DUMONT, Head of Campus France Thailand, and Pollawat KANTAPON, Student Advisior from FrenchEmbassy under Campus France Tour 2018 at Khon Kaen University. Furthermore, Ms.Netdao Chamroendararasmee, Director of International Affairs Division, and Mr. Wei Chiao Kuo from International Affairs Division also attended this event as well. In this honorable opportunity, Campus France Tour did a presentation about “Studies in France and Scholarships” to offer a great opportunity for students from different faculties and schools to gain valuable information in this area. In addition, they presented “Fellowship and Mobility programs” to our lecturers and researchers in advancing the research development with France as well. This is a tremendously honorable chance to develop relationship between French Embassy and Khon Kaen University under Campus France Tour 2018.

French Major Students from third and fourth years were very much enjoy attending an informative lecturer given by the Embassy’s officials directly. Moreover, the students were allowed to make any inquiries regarding their concerns and questions about this program in the Question & Answer Session. The Souvenirs were presented to the delegations followed by a group photo.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Khon Kaen University as a co-host is appreciated the continuous support from French Embassy, and we believe that our collaborations will be continuing long in all features.

News by Ms. Nongluck Tonwong and Pasara Namsaeng
Photos by Sakhin Khaochaimaha