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Our mission fulfils the Faculty’s uniqueness: “Integrating Humanities and Social Sciences for the Local and Global Societies.”

Associate Professor Dr. Kulthida  Tuamsuk
Dean of Faculty of Humanities
and Social Sciences

Email: hsdean@kku.ac.th
Website: dr.kulthidatuamsuk.me

The development of the world society in all ages has been determined by the advancements made in science and technology. Therefore, more investments in each country’s development have been placed in education and research in science and technology rather than the humanities and social sciences.

As a matter of fact, humans are one of the main contributing factors for a sustainable global society. They can bring about advancements in any society; however, at the same time, they can destroy nature and the environment. Thus, education in science and technology that helps human to overcome nature is not enough. It is essential that we, as humans, study the humanities and social sciences to understand human thought and behavior.

The foundation of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences on the 18thof July 1978 has had a major goal of increasing the number of Khon Kaen University’s graduates in the humanities and social sciences areas, in addition to producing graduates in science and technology.

Since its establishment until the present, almost 36 years, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has produced innumerable graduates with Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees, who excel in their abilities to perform, serve, and work in society. The Faculty has prepared these graduates in a number of fields, including Languages (English, Thai, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese, as well as Lao, Khmer, Vietnamese, and Korean), Social Sciences (Sociology and Anthropology, Social Development, Development Management, Public Administration, and Development Sciences), Humanities (Philosophy and Religion and Mekong Studies), and Information Science and Communication (Information Science, Information Management, and Information Studies). The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences also plays a crucial role in providing academic services to societies in the Northeastern and Mekong regions. Our published research studies in the field of humanities and social sciences have also made a significant contribution to society both nationally and internationally.

In the near future, in order to achieve the missions of Khon Kaen University as a leading world-class research university and to respond to the growing trends of the ASEAN Community by 2015, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences aims at producing excellent graduates and research works, which can build up the university’s reputation to be proficiently competitive in Asia. Graduates from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Khon Kaen University, will be endowed with the standard academic knowledge, the capacity to work in the workplace, the information technology skills, and the English and ASEAN languages that will make them the best candidates for international workplaces. Additionally, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences will serve as the ASEAN language-learning center for Khon Kaen University students, employees, as well as foreigners, which will lead us to the exchange of humanities and social sciences students, teachers, and researchers. The Faculty will also focus on creating research works on the issues relating to humanities and social sciences, which will provide a significant impact to the sustainability of human and social development.