Researches in humanities and social sciences have impacts on society and are applied for further benefits. The researches appear in national and international publication. They are classified into 5 groups as follows.

Socio-cultures of GMS (Greater Mekong Sub-region)

There are nationally and internationally renowned researchers in several dimensions concerned with Mekong society and culture such as history, economic, sociology, culture, ethnic, language and literature, information and communication, architecture, art, environment, and other developments in Mekong sub-region.

Information and Knowledge

There are outstanding researches which are internationally accepted and published in international journals. They are researches in digital humanities, knowledge management in various sciences, knowledge management in government and public sections, knowledge organization, metadata organization, ontology development, digital chronicle, library and learning resource development, information profession, information behavior, and information communication.

Labor and Population Studies

There are distinguished researches that have impacts on society in several aspects such as Thai labors working abroad, Isaan labor, labor rights of the disadvantaged, social movements of the disabled, immigration and migration, transnational human trafficking, cross cultural marriage, elders in social contexts, family, rural area, Isaan family, society of communities in Thai border and neighboring countries.

Organizational and Social Development

There are important researches in several areas such as civil society, well-being, enhancement of democratic consciousness and good governance, social capital, community welfare management, enhancement of strength to community organization, roles of men and women in social development, crowded community development, learning process of community, community enterprise, urban planning, cooperative development planning, social policy development, training for development, policy and plan administration, local public administration, strategic administration, and organization and human resource administration.

Language and Literature

This comprises researches in local language and literature, Mekong language and literature, language learning and teaching, use of media and teaching technologies and development of language skills, applied linguistics, translation, etymology, comparative study of Thai and foreign languages in several issues, analysis of literature to reflect social context, culture and lifestyle, discourse analysis, and morphology.

Philosophy and Religion

There are significant researches in philosophy and Buddhism moral, philosophy and Isaan value, philosophy and eastern religions (especially those influenced by India), Buddhist behavior and self-conduct, morality and ethic endorsement in children and juvenile, ethics and moral education.

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has specialized research center and research group as follows:

Center for Research on Plurality in the Mekong Region - CERP

Group on Wellbeing and Sustainable Development-WeSD