Proceedings of IC-HUSO 2021

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Abstract of IC-HUSO 2021
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The 16th International Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences
(IC-HUSO 2021)

Reporting Speech from the Dean
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences,
Khon Kaen University, THAILAND
Opening Remarks from the President
Khon Kaen University, THAILAND
Keynote Speaker: Professor Rachel V Harrison, Ph.D.
SOAS University of London, United Kingdom
Keynote Speaker: Kazuo KURODA, Ph.D.
Dean and Professor, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University
Visiting Research Fellow, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Ogata Sadako Research Institute for Peace and Development
Keynote Speaker: Associate Professor THANG Leng Leng, , Ph.D.
National University of Singapore
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ICHUSO-002 The Nexus of Micro Planning and Bionomic Approach: in Reply to Pandemic Resistance Development
Pranoto Dirhan Putra, Sri Rum Giyarsih and Djaka Marwasta
ICHUSO-003 Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Nigerian Case
Suleiman, Mohammed Saeed
ICHUSO-004 Desirable Ethical Leadership in the 21st Century
Phennapha Chandaeng
ICHUSO-005 Making Government Budgeting More Gender Responsive In Vietnam
Cuong Vu and Hoa Quynh Nguyen
ICHUSO-008 Digital Transformation in Training in Universities of Vietnam – a Necessary Solution to be Adaptative During and After COVID-19 Pandemic
Nguyen Huu Dung
ICHUSO-010 Deep Learning: Using Sentiment Classification with Natural Language Processing (NLP) to Handle Customer Feedbacks/Reviews for Online Food Business
Nguyen Hung Cuong and Nguyen Duc Huy
ICHUSO-011 The Determinants of Sustainable Consumption Behaviors in Economic Dimension : Empirical Evidence from Young Thai Consumers
Nottakrit Vantamay
ICHUSO-012 The Effectiveness of Kahoot, Quizlet, and Flipgrid in Online ESL Teaching
Justin S. Allran, Mark G. Russell, Kewarin Tantong and Jonas Becker
ICHUSO-013 A Critique of Discourse of Humanity in ‘S.E.A. Write’ Awarded Poetry Entitled ‘The White Hand’
Sirisira Chokthawikit
ICHUSO-017 Promotion of Social Development in Vietnam Today According to The Sustainable Values of HO CHI MINH’S Development Philosophy
Le Trung Kien
ICHUSO-018 English Communication Skills Needs Analysis of Health Technology Students
Sunata Pongsakiat, Jariya Neanchaleay and Mongkhon Narmluk
ICHUSO-020 Need Analysis and Interview results of an Application for Bilingual Communication (ABC) to Promote Tourism in Khon Buri District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province
Kanitha Putthasatien
ICHUSO-021 An Analysis of Morphological Errors in Different Types of Paragraph Writing Made by Thai
University Students Khomsin Sarntong
ICHUSO-022 A Representation of Gender Diversity and Gender Identity Toward Gay Characters in The Serie entitled I Told Sunset About You
Sumalee Phonkhunsap, Dhanaphon Eakkapochana and Atsadawut Saiyarot
ICHUSO-023 A Development of English-Learning Modules for Teachers of Small-sized School
Krissana Yodmongkhon
ICHUSO-026 Designing Trustworthy Microfinance Blockchain System Based on PoA Consensus Mechanism
Xuyan Li, Supharoek Siriphen, Somsak Chanaim and Suttida Suwannayod
ICHUSO-028 Family identity on Chinese Television Programs
Rungphet Varaphongsatit
ICHUSO-029 The Social Network of Thai Women Migrant Labourers in Norway
Thanapauge Chamaratana,Thomas Ågotnesb, Phuttarak Prabnok and Watcharapon Sirisuwilaid
ICHUSO-031 A Study of Teaching Integration English in Classrooms
Fah Campbell
ICHUSO-032 The Use of Music Activities in Reducing Cluttering in Children with Speech Flow Disorder
Tepika Rodsakan
ICHUSO-033 Network Structure Characterization of Meeting Sex Partners by Men Who Have Sex with Men in Chiang Mai by Using Social Network Analysis
Pornchita Koonrangsi, Natthaporn Manojai, Pongthorn Chanlearn, Benchalak Maneeton, Narong Maneeton, Pimwarat Srikummoon, Suttipong Kawilapat, Natthanidnan Sricharoen, Sukon Prasitwattanaseree, Phisanu Chiawkhun and Patrinee Traisathit
ICHUSO-034 The Potentiality of Border Tourism Elements in Creative Economy Context of Ubon Ratchathani Province
Suwaphat Sregongsang, Khemchira Nongped and Hemawan Hemanaga
ICHUSO-035 “Farang” and Thai Women in Michel Houellebecq’s Novel: Plateforme (Platform)
Thiplada Intham
ICHUSO-037 Using Context Clues as Task-Based Learning for Students’ Vocabulary Improvement in Digital Surrounding
Samran Sikkhagit
ICHUSO-038 Concept and Elements of A Network Model for Effective Management
Nipapan Jensantikul
ICHUSO-039 Using Task-based Learning with Graphic Organizer to enhance English Analytical Reading Skills for Grade 10 Students
Saowaluck Phissanui
ICHUSO-040 “No Way Out”: The Middle Class’s Portrayal of the Urban Poor in Chart Korbjitti’s Novel
Khajornsak Sitthi
ICHUSO-041 Rhetoric of the Creative City in the Global South: The Case of Bangkok City of Design
Phitchakan Chuangchai
ICHUSO-043 The Relationship between Psychological Vulnerability and Mental Health among Thai Graduate Students
Thanayot Sumalrot, Supachoke Singhakantm and Karuna Sathu
ICHUSO-044 Sexuality Education in Thailand and Germany in Comparison: An Analysis of Guidelines and Textbooks for the 6th Grade
Thanchanok Ratchatapreuk and Felix Pülm
ICHUSO-045 Vietnam’s Digital Transformation Strategy to Achieve “Dual Goal” in Education: Daunting Effort to Ensure Quality Education and Effectively Prevent COVID – 19 Pandemic
Nguyen Lan Phuong
ICHUSO-046 Motivation and Attitude in Studying Spanish of Students of Triam Udom Suksa School
Thippayasuda Kaewseepeng and Fuangket Tongwanchai
ICHUSO-047 Required Skills and Guidance for Job Seekers and Universities' Graduates: Reskilling and Up skilling in The Era of Disruptions
Sirikorn Rochanasak, Rattana Klinjuy, Waranyaporn Srisawannon, Subsiri Seniwong Na Ayudhaya, Vasant Nilamai and Sarat Ritronasak
ICHUSO-048 Building up a Business Strategy of VIET Competence Joint Stock Company for The Period of 2019-2024
Phuong Hung Vu and Cuong Hung Luu
ICHUSO-050 Praya Narin Songkram Pu Chom Pak Chong Phu Wiang Myth to a Utilization of an Intercepted Area for Cultural Interpretation
Atsadawoot Srithon and Umarin Tularak
ICHUSO-051 Grammar and Idioms for Translating Thai Literary Work into German Language
Wassamill Watcharakaweesilp
ICHUSO-052 Language and Good School Ideologies in Thai School Songs
Thinnawat Sroikudrua
ICHUSO-053 Constructed and Negotiated Identity of the Laotian-Thais in a Thai-Myanmar Borderland
Jaggapan Cadchumsang
ICHUSO-054 Using cultural capital to create the identity of the silk weaving group
Benjawan Naiyanit, Wipawee Grisanaputi and Keeratiporn Jutaviriya
ICHUSO-056 A Metaphoric Analysis of Gender in Reggaeton Lyrics by Female Artists
Fuangket Tongwanchai
ICHUSO-057 The Adaptation of Y fiction to TV Series: The Case Study of The Untamed (2019)
Wigran Namphadorn
ICHUSO-058 Conditions of Group Management of Indigo-Dyed Weaving Groups in Sakon Nakhon Province
Uthumporn Lordko and Wipawee Grisanaputi
ICHUSO-059 Innovation in Training High-Quality Human Resources in the Transportation Sector in Vietnam Following the Educational Philosophy of Former President HO CHI MINH
Vu Thi Kieu Ly
ICHUSO-061 Assessing Online Learning Challenges through Projective Techniques in Thai EFL University Students
Pasara Namsaeng
ICHUSO-062 The Motherhood Wage Penalty in The Public and Private Sectors in Thailand, 2017
Qiuge Chen
ICHUSO-063 Impact of Transit-Oriented Development on High-Speed Rail Project: Case Studies of Land Use Change in Thailand and Lao PDR
Somsamleth Thavikham and Thanapauge Chamaratana
ICHUSO-064 Investigating Actors of The Green City with Actor Network Theory: A Case Study of Khon Kaen City
Rasita Dasri and Thanapauge Chamaratana
ICHUSO-065 Smoking Behavior on Pandemic Situation of COVID-19 in Isan Peoples
Kritsada Phatchaney, Ninlawadee Promphakping and Ratchaneewan Niramit
ICHUSO-066 Youth participation in Community Well-Being Communication
Woranuch Juntaboon and Pornpen Somaboot
ICHUSO-067 Traditional or Rituals as Cultural Grammar: Case studies in Northeastern Thailand
Denpong Saenkum
ICHUSO-068 Women’s Roles in the Household economy: A case study of Female Strollers in the markets of Nakhon Phanom Province
Ninlawadee Promphakping, Buapun Promphakping and Kritsada Phatchaney
ICHUSO-071 Rice Community Transformation and Human Wellbeing at Stung Chreybak Catchment, Kampong Chhnang Province, Cambodia
Ham Kimkong and Buapun Promphaping
ICHUSO-072 A Study of COVID-19 Contents of Thai Public Health Practitioners as TikTok Influencers
Patiphan Pholmat and Porntip Yenjabok
ICHUSO-073 Writing the history of Vietnamese heroes-heroines fighting against the invaders from the North in “History of Vietnam by Paintings”
Koonlapas Khamnoothai, Thananan Boonwanna and Jirathorn Chartsiri
ICHUSO-074 Inculcation of the knowledge of nature and society in Vietnamese children through Nature and Society Textbook (Tự nhiên và xã hội)
Chanisara Maneewong, Thananan Boonwanna and Nathathai Manadee
ICHUSO-075 From a Pigsty to Rak An Coffee, Khon Kaen Province, Thailand (1955 – 2021)
Jarinya Phoosaengsri, Phatphong Wannaphuek, Sasiphat Kosasang, Waraporn Gongkhot, Siwakorn Ratchompoo and Keeratiporn Jutaviriya
ICHUSO-076 The change of meanings of phra that phanom
Aran Jamnongudom and Jaggapan Cadchumsang
ICHUSO-077 Information Behavior of Toyota Kaen Nakhon Showroom Visitors
Chommanaad Boonaree and Wassana Maneesan
ICHUSO-024 Factors Influencing Educational Support Policy Implementation to High School Level Students of Vietnam Minority Groups
Dao Thi Thuy Ngoc, Duong Van Dai and Bui Thanh Binh